Celebrity Big Brother 2013 eviction: Claire Richards in fourth place

Claire Richards (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Claire Richards has finished Celebrity Big Brother 2013 in fourth place tonight's series final.

As Brian Dowling went to the house with the announcement, the crowd were still chanting 'Get Speidi Out' while all three of the other housemates were cheered again.

Earlier in the evening, Neil Razor Ruddock was the first out in tonight's live show in fifth place.

The duo leave Ryan Moloney, Rylan Clark and Spencer & Heidi remaining to fight it out for the spot as winner

And if the audience outside the house are anything to go by, it's Rylan's to win.

Speaking before her exit, Claire from Steps - as she's now officially known, apparently - said: I've had an absolutely wonderful time in here. It's been an incredible journey.

"I feel like I've already won by just being in the final."

Speaking to Brian, Claire said: "It's so overwhelming! I didn't expect to make the final four, I thought I'd either quit or be evicted a couple of weeks ago.

"It's all about you and your personality and how you can entertain people without relying on your talent, so it's really important."

In her exit interview, Claire said she could've punched Heidi after her "heartless and spiteful" actions during last weekend's letters from home task.

Are you happy with the results so far? Who are you backing to win?

Browse pictures of the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 final below...

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