Celebrity Big Brother 2013 results: Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag finish second

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have finished Celebrity Big Brother 2013 as runners up in tonight's series final.

Speidi lost out over Rylan Clark after the pair were left as the final two this evening.

Earlier, Ryan Moloney has left in third place, Claire Richards in fourth and Neil Razor Ruddock was the first out in tonight's live show in fifth place.

Speaking before the result, Heidi and Spencer said: "First off, we want to thank everyone for voting for us.

"We've had the hardest time in this house. We've had some ups and downs but it's been an amazing life experience, it's been an experience.

"Thank you for everyone who has voted for us, we're blessed to be in such a great country. It's been a great game. I feel like we should win because we've been put through the most, and all we've ever wanted to do is win!"

There were tears aplenty from Rylan after the result was announced, while Speidi congratulated the X Factor singer before leaving.

The live audience outside the house were more than happy with the result and gave the American duo a rather nasty exit filled with boos.

Speaking to Brian, Spencer however complained that the boos "weren't loud enough", as the pair revealed all on their three stay in the house.

Heidi said: "This was really hard, it was really intense, it's been an up and down experience. You've seen moments of the real Heidi and Spencer, for sure."

She reiterated: "It's just a game, you're supposed to try and win."

Spencer added: "We went in there and tried to be as entertaining as we could be. I didn't come here to win friends, I came here to be champion.

"For the people who voted for us thank you, it makes these people [in the crowd] so mad!"

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