Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire Richards clashes with Rylan Clark!


It's taken until the final week, but it seems that Claire Richards has had enough of Rylan Clark in the Celebrity Big Brother house!

According to evicted housemate Tricia Penrose, Claire from Steps has been getting annoyed by Rylan's 'stalkerish' actions towards her.

"Rylan is obsessed with Claire. When she is on the bed, he is there too," Tricia claimed today. “When she is in the kitchen, he follows her. He sleeps in the same bed as her. He put on her bra the other night.

“He is her No1 fan but I told her not to give him her phone number because he will never stop calling.”

Tricia, who was booted out on Wednesday just two days before tonight's final, continued: “It started off sweet but Claire’s had enough now. She said he’s getting on her nerves.

“He even asks her to sing Steps songs to him before he goes to sleep. He is like having an annoying son around her all the time."

And the former Heartbeat star told the Daily Star: "She is going to lose the plot.

“We kept saying this is going to end in Tragedy like the Steps song.”

We hope Big Brother keep the show going for another week!

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