Celebrity Big Brother 2013 final: Speidi predict the finishing order

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates Heidi and Spencer have predicted the finishing order of tonight's final, and of course they're on top!

Rylan Clark, Ryan Moloney, Claire Richards, Spencer & Heidi and Neil Razor Ruddock all remain in the house.

Tonight they'll all leave but in what order?

Despite the cheers on eviction nights for Rylan, Speidi don't think Rylan has been entertaining enough to win.

"All these people thought we'd be gone before them," Heidi gloated last night.

Spencer agreed and turned his attention to Rylan: "I think there are just as many out there that hate him as love him, if those people [in the crowd] were an indicator, we would be out. They're not a focus group."

"Who's name is being called? Ours! They just cheer for Rylan," Heidi said.

Spencer continued: "They chant 'Get Speidi Out', not when! 'Get Speidi out last!'"

And making his predictions for tonight's finishing order, Spencer added: "Us - one, Rylan - two, Claire - three, Razor - four, Ryan - five.

"That's what I think it should be, for entertainment wise."

Find out if Spencer was anywhere close on Celebrity Big Brother 2013 tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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