Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan rows with Speidi again!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

There may just been one day to go until the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 final, but there's still tension in the house.

Rylan Clark, Ryan Moloney, Claire Richards, Spencer & Heidi and Neil Razor Ruddock all remain in the the running to win the show tomorrow night.

And it seems that Speidi are going all out to cause trouble, destroying Razor and Rylan's snow men in the garden this evening.

"I'm not being funny but Heidi's out there kicking the snow man, she's stamping on their head and kicking the other one in the back," Rylan bitched to Claire, Ryan and Razor. "They just killed them. That's really sad."

Being deadly seriously, Rylan continued to weep: "They have just killed them both that is so depressing.

"They've done a lot of bang out of order things in this house, but that's really f**ked me off. They should ashamed of themselves.

"Snowman can't fight back, they know if they have a row with us we'll fight back."

Razor quipped: "Children could be watching this!!"

But Rylan continued: "That's f**king disgraceful, I'm enraged!"

Heidi and Spencer then returned to the house and showed little remorse for the snow murders.

Heidi claimed: "That's taking out the rubbish in America, they're so dirty."

And Spencer joked: "They were going to be the last housemates in here and I wasn't have that."

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