Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Stressed Speidi wants to make final


A "stress" Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag don't want to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2013 before the final.

The pair confessed this week they're desperate to make it to the end after spending three weeks inside the house.

Heidi and Spencer were in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Ryan. Spencer said “If you’re here for the experience, experience what it’s like to not get your letter and them get their letter. You don’t have to go and make the girls cry.”

The conversation then turned to the eviction on Wednesday. Spencer said “I am just very stressed out. If we made it this far and get evicted before Friday it’s just going to be like a bad dream.”

Despite recent tension with the other housemates, the American duo seemed a lot more relaxed as they enjoyed a party thrown by Big Brother later.

The housemates were in the living area dancing, with Spencer sat on the sofa and Heidi provocatively dancing in front of him.

Spencer commented, “You’re so good.” Heidi continued to dance; Spencer whipped her and said, “I would be tipping you none stop, putting the hundreds in there.”

Heidi goes to straddle Spencer, he adds, “No no no don’t take it there, I can’t, still on TV dear, save it for the house.”

Rylan and Razor were in the garden talking about Heidi and Spencer. Rylan thinks, “It’s like they’ve not seen each other for a couple of years.” Razor replies, “You know why they’re like that, I think it’s because no one likes them.”

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