Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates speculate about eviction


It's eviction time tonight and the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates are nervous!

The group know at least one of them is going out tonight, but the paranoid group have no clue what else Big Brother maybe planning, and it's led to rumours flying around the house.

Seven celebrity housemates remain in the house and no one wants to leave before Friday's final.

Apart from the rather miserable Ryan, perhaps.

But it was Heidi and Spencer who seemed the most confident about staying, perhaps helped by Rylan's dreams of cheers for the pair tonight.

Meanwhile, there was much speculation about how many of them could be shown the door in just a few hours' time.

"I don't know if it's one or two going tonight," Heidi said.

"Maybe it's no one," Spencer suggested, perhaps taking the conspiracy theories a tad too fan.

Well we all know that two will be leaving in the first Celebrity Big Brother 2013 double eviction, and it'll Brian surprising the housemates with the news from 9PM!

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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