Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Tricia Penrose isn't happy with Paula Hamilton!


Paula Hamilton returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight, but failed to impress Tricia Penrose!

Paula moved into her swanky new fashion boudoir, the large task room, where Big Brother had her name and shame the best and worst dressed Housemates.

Big Brother asked the housemates to put their best fashion foot forward and dress up in their most trendy clobber.

Watching from her office, Paula told Big Brother who she thinks is the best dressed Housemate - Rylan - This housemate became the deputy to Paula’s Chief of Fashion Police.

The Best Dressed Housemate joined Paula and together they cast their fashion conscious eyes over the rest of the Housemates as they struck a pose. While they watch the others strut their stuff they critiqued and discussed what each Housemate was wearing.

Then Big Brother gathered the housemates at the sofas and while the Fashion Police went through the notes they made about the other’s clothes, the housemates were be watching them.

The Fashion Police then chose the two people they think are the worst dressed - Ryan and Tricia - and they were be called to the Large Task Room to make amends for their fashion crimes.

However Tricia wasn't too happy with being branded the worst dressed female housemate.

Later, Paula and her deputy will choose three new outfits for the two worst dressed housemates: a good eviction outfit, a party outfit and a ‘chilling around the house’ outfit.

The housemates will then take part in their very own fashion show to show off their three new looks. They will parade down a catwalk to show how fabulous they now are.

After the fashion show, Paula will celebrate the wonderful new looks with her deputy and the rest of the housemates over a glass of bubbly in true fashionista style.

Watch a clip from the task below...

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