Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Ryan Moloney angry after girls get letters from home


The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates got their delayed letters from home yesterday, or at least the girls did.

Big Brothe gathered housemates on the sofas. As the girls did so well in the latest task, Big Brother has a further reward for them; letters from home for Tricia, Claire and Razor (who was a girl for the sake of the task!)

The housemates applauded but Ryan looked upset but told housemates not to worry. “Keep strong, it’s three more days, come on son,” Frankie reassured him.

Claire chose Rylan to read out her letter and she cries as he reads. “I’m so happy you and Rylan have a friendship,” her husband wrote.

Ryan volunteered to read Razor’s letter and reads that his daughter sees him on TV and comments, “Daddy, telly, working.” Razor begins to cry and tells his fellow housemates, “I’m good, big boys’ cry.” When Ryan is finished Razor thanks him adding: “I know how hard it was (for you).”

Lastly, Tricia also chose Rylan to read her letter. Her husband writes that one of their children has been “swearing” a bit at school, “What do you expect seeing you,” he added as the housemates laugh.

“I’ve cried in front of me mates, dressed in a f**king dress,” Razor laughed. All of the housemates are teary, including Spencer and Heidi. All of the letters have been read. Heidi whispers to Spencer, “Ours was way longer.”

Claire and Ryan were discussing the letters and Claire said she is sorry that he didn’t receive his. “That’s the way it works,” he told her. She asks if he is okay, “No where near okay, but that’s the game, I’ve just got to be strong,” he admitted. Claire and Ryan share a long hug. “You’re a very good man,”

In the diary room Ryan tells Big Brother that he is going to be “honest.”

“I pride myself on calling a spade a spade, I’m a bit confused as to why when Claire didn’t get her letter, the team stuck together and said no we’re not gonna get any letters, but as soon as it was that the girls were gonna get their letter, it became okay.”

Ryan says that he has made an effort with all of the housemates to become “part of this team,” even if he hasn’t known all the “cultural references.” I’ve spend half my time trying to understand what people are talking about, but I’ve put myself out there to include myself,” he adds. “I feel a little down,” he admits and says that he wasn’t expecting a letter so should just appreciate that others have received theirs. Big Brother asks, “How much do you think it meant to Claire, Tricia and Razor.” “About the same as what it means to me,” he replies.

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