Claire from Steps and Rylan from X Factor discuss oral sex in the CBB house


Things in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house got weird this week, as the housemates discussed sex.

And the idea of Rylan from The X Factor and Claire from Steps talking oral sex on our telly is something we'd never imagine happening.

It started s Claire mentioned that he band mate H told her that “lesbian” fans liked her the best. “It’s because I look innocent and corruptible, that’s what he said,” Claire tells them and then takes a drink using her penis shaped straw as BB's hen party.

“As she sucks on her penis,” Razor jokes and they all laugh.

“That’s just a straw, it’s not a real willy, I don’t do that anyway,” Claire remarked.

“Your poor husband,” quipped Rylan as Claire added: “I might have to after this anyway.”

She hesitated for a while then says that she was about to ask “a really rude question.” Rylan told her that she is amongst friends but Claire says that they are also “on telly.”

She started, “From a male perspective, what is it about that (she sucks on her straw), that’s better than, you know, the way to make babies?” Razor says that he would prefer “doing it,” the latter way but says the other way is also good because, “I’m not in control, the lady is in control.” Claire tells her other housemates that she feels a bit drunk.

“I feel a bit sick,” Tricia concluded.

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