Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Ryan Moloney brands Speidi "pricks"


There's no love between Ryan Moloney and Speidi in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.

Despite some of the other housemates forgiving the pair after Heidi apologised for her behaviour, Ryan's not convinced.

Last night, Ryan and Razor were still talking about Speidi, Ryan said they’re still “pricks” and that their “character” is to be “arseholes. So he will treat them like arseholes.”

Meanwhile, Speidi were in the diary room talking to Big Brother about a new task, which they refused to do.

“We’re not going to take part in any team tasks with them, even if it was to win the lottery.” The couple also revealed that they are “against” stag and hen parties anyway because of their “beliefs.”

“We know who’s better out of the boys and girls and it’s Speidi, above all,” Heidi stateed. The couple says that they rest of the housemates are “irrelevant in their lives. As Speidi refused to join in with the other housemates Big Brother informed them that they would be punished.

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