Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire Richards gets her letter from home


After the tears and rows at the weekend, Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemate Claire Richards finally got her letter from home last night.

We saw over the weekend Claire lose her letter after Spencer and Heidi refused to take part in a task set by Big Brother.

The duo only had to stay apart for a few hours, but didn't even try and cost Claire her letter.

In a move of solidarity, the other housemates then refused to read their letters when they were delivered by Big Brother.

However last night, Claire, Tricia and Razor all received their letters from home after winning BB's new task.

Yesterday, Big Brother pitted the boys and girls against each other in a battle of the sexes to determine who is better: boys or girls.

Because there were only three girls, Razor became an honorary girl and join the girls’ team.

The girls won the task by beating the boys in two of the three challenges and were therefore rewarded with an exclusive hen party, complete with stripper!

And in a very special prize for winning, Big Brother delivered Tricia, Claire and Razor's letters from their loved ones.

Big Brother has gone soft!

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