Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark calls on viewers to get Speidi out


Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemate Rylan Clark has hit out at Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, calling on viewers to vote them out.

The latest row kicked off after Spencer and Heidi refused to compete in their latest task, losing Claire Richards her letter from home.

And the American duo angered the other housemates even more as they clapped when Big Brother broke the news to the house.

“Don’t clap, that’s rude,” Rylan told Heidi before Spencer started clapping. “All she wanted was a letter from her kids,” Rylan continued as Razor told the couple to stop clapping, “That’s heartless, she’s got kids,” he added.

Speidi quickly retreated to the bedroom Rylan was still angry and shouted from the garden: “I hope the British Public get the f**k rid of them.”

“They won’t I’m afraid,” mumbled Spencer in response while hearing Rylan’s rant from the bedroom. “They kept us in, he didn’t even win x factor, as far as I’m concerned you’re an X Factor reject,” Heidi laughed.

Rylan however kept shouting abuse at them, Spencer says no one wants you hear either, “get over yourself.”

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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