CBB 2013: Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag anger housemates over task


Spencer and Heidi refused to take part in last night's CBB 2013 task, costing Claire Richards her letter from home.

Each of the housemates were given a dilemma which saw them choose between fulfilling Big brother's demands or lose a letter from home.

But this being BB the twist was that the housemates weren't sacrificing their own letters.

Speidi declined their dilemma of a Restraining Order meaning they would have to spend time apart

"We’re not gonna take that I don’t care which housemate it is, none of their letters are worth not being with my husband,” stated Heidi in the Diary Room. They mocked tears that it will be Claire’s letter that will be destroyed, “Great,” they beamed In the living area, Frankie told Claire to be strong and reminds housemates that they are all in it together.

Speidi returned to the house full of smiles and informed the housemates that they refused their dilemma. “You wouldn’t do that to us,” Tricia told them. “Because we owe you so much,” Spencer quipped as Rylan looked on in disbelief.

Housemates then quizzed Spencer and Heidi about their dilemma. Heidi told housemates that “it’s just a game.”

The couple refused to tell housemates their dilemma and Tricia guessed, “I bet it was something like stay apart from each other.” Spencer nodded and smiled knowingly as Heidi said that she wouldn’t have done what Big Brother asked in her normal life.

Spencer told the group that Claire shouldn’t have come on the show if these things can happen. “It’s more than a game to Claire, she’s been missing her kids, we haven’t got kids so we’ll never understand that.”

Spencer asked why they would care about a letter to which Rylan replies that he wouldn’t “expect” him to care. Rylan said “I had a lot of time for you this week.” Spencer says he’s still waiting for Rylan not to talk to them.

The couple headed to the bedroom and Rylan told housemates that they should “f**k off home,” if they don’t want to be part of the house and know that people don’t like them.

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