Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi refuse task and face punishment

Celebrity Big Brother housemates Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag face punishment after refusing to take part in the latest task.

Earlier today, the boys and the girls were asked to part in a battle of the sexes by Big Brother.

Big Brother was pitting the boys and girls against each other in a battle of the sexes to determine who is better: boys or girls.

Because there are only three girls, Razor became an honorary girl and join the girls’ team.

For refusing to take part, Speidi will be punished by BB in due course.

However they don't seem to mind.

The pair spent the afternoon talking in the bedroom alone and ignoring the other housemates.

Spencer said: "This show has made me 1,000 times more patriotic"

He added to Heidi: "The best part of this show will be when it ends. Whatever's happening out there will be better than what's happening in here with these people. I cannot wait. It's so close".

In the Diary Room later, spencer told BB: "We're playing a game [between us] to see who can talk to House enemies less. And also looking at House enemies less"

What should the pair's punishment be? Stay tuned to find out what BB has planned!

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