Celebrity Big Brother 2013: It's boys v girls in disgusting new task


The boys and the girls take part in a battle of the sexes on Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

Big Brother is pitting the boys and girls against each other in a battle of the sexes to determine who is better: boys or girls.

Because there are only three girls, Razor will become an honorary girl and join the girls’ team.

For the first task, one member of each team will take part in a multi-tasking obstacle course in the garden. They’ll race to...

1. Park a car
2. Get shopping and baby out of the car
3. Answer phone and carry it with them for the rest of the course
4. Put shopping on shelves
5. Down a pint of beer
6. Change baby’s outfit and nappy
7. Put baby into cot

Second task: Maths quiz
Spencer and Tricia will each do a maths quiz in the diary room, watched by the other housemates. But how will they cope with the distraction of a female and male stripper respectively?

Third Task: Sweat Collectors
All the housemates will don sweat suits and have an hour to exert themselves in the pursuit of perspiration. The team which gathers the most sweat in their time will come out on top.

Immediately after the Sweat Collector task, the housemates will gather and Big Brother will reveal the results.

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