Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates' letters from home destroyed


Yesterday morning, Big Brother received a delivery of all Celebrity housemates’ letters from their loved ones.

The housemates were given the opportunity to win as many of these letters as they could. Any letters not won were destroyed by Big Brother.

Each housemate was set a dilemma by Big Brother. Depending on whether they accepted or declined their dilemma determined how many letters were won and how many were destroyed.

In the diary room, Tricia was told to prioritise housemates’ letters in order of importance. She was told that each dilemma not completed would cause the loss of one letter. Using a board in the diary room she ranked the letters from high priority to low priority. Big Brother then revealed that she has prioritised them in order of destruction.

Speidi were issued a restraining order. They must not be seen in the same room as each other.

Razor was given a horse costume to wear

Frankie was given a jockey costume and must ride his horse, Razor, at all times

Ryan sacrificed his identity and became ‘Toadie’. He was given a toad costume to wear and a lily pad to sit on. He had to remain on his lily pad at all times.

Claire had to climb the steps in the Big Brother house intermittently throughout the day whenever she hears Steps fans scream

Rylan was told to shave off at least 50% of his facial hair.

At the end of the task Big Brother revealed how many housemates completed or failed their dilemmas. Each fail resulted in one letter being destroyed.

Frankie successfully rode Razor like a horse.

Rylan successfully sacrificed 50% of his facial hair.

Toadie successfully sacrificed his former identity as Ryan.

Claire successfully took to the steps each time she heard the Steps fans’ screams.

Tricia successfully ordered the housemates’ letters in terms of priority.

However, Heidi and Spencer refused to adhere to the terms of their restraining order.

Therefore, housemates secured a total of six letters. As Tricia decided that Claire’s was the highest priority to be destroyed, Claire did not receive her letter.

All other housemates received their letters last night; however they decided not to read them and therefore none of them have had the message from their loved ones!

Watch all of the aftermath on Channel 5 tonight from 9PM.

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