Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi destroy letter from home (but their own!)


Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates Speidi cost another housemate their letter from home in yesterday's task.

Last night, Big Brother received a delivery of all housemates’ letters from their loved ones. Housemates were given the opportunity to win as many of these letters as they can by tackling certain dilemmas. Any letters not won would be destroyed by Big Brother.

Each housemate was be set a dilemma by Big Brother. Depending on whether they accept or decline their dilemma determined how many letters are won and how many are destroyed.

Tricia had the first dilemma, called to the Diary Room be told to prioritise housemates letters in order of importance. She was told that each dilemma not completed will cause the loss of one letter. Using a board in the diary room she needed to rank the letters from high priority to low priority. Big Brother then revealed that she has prioritised them in order of destruction.

Speidi meanwhile were be issued a restraining order. They couldn't be seen in the same room as each other but refused.

The pair continued to spent the day together and, as a result, one letter will be destoryed.

It's sure to annoy the other housemates, with Claire having to climb the steps in the Big Brother house intermittently throughout the day whenever she hears Steps fans scream while Rylan was told to shave off at least 50% of his facial hair.

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother at 9PM tonight for the aftermath.

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