Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Angry Spencer ignores the other housemates


Angry CBB 2013 housemate Spencer Pratt spent yesterday ignoring the other housemates following the fall out of the Big Blogger task.

Saturday night saw American duo Spencer and Heidi found themselves once again clashing with the rest of the house after Big Brother stirred it up with a new task.

Earlier in the day, Heidi and Spencer were led to believe they are being interviewed by the show’s digital for a fictitious online Big Brother spin off called ‘Big Blogger’.

Heidi and Spencer were called to the diary room and told that they had won a poll as the housemate the viewers would most like to see interviewed on the Celebrity Big Brother internet based show ‘Big Blogger’.

Meanwhile the other housemates were gathered in the living area where they were able to watch the interview on the screen.

The other housemates weren't too pleased with what they saw but Speidi weren't worried and refused to apologise by their comments.

In fact, the more they stood by them the more the other contestants got wound up.

Tricia, Claire and Rylan have continued to bitch about the pair, while they ignore them.

"I still don't know what to make of them, I've just lost the plot. I don't really care," Tricia said to Rylan's agreement.

"I just want to enjoy it, I don't want to have any rows with anybody," Claire added.

Rylan went on: "The more I listen the more I feel sorry for them,they spent the series saying how they played characters on The Hills, they were paid to be the villain."

Are you team Speidi or team Rylan?

CBB 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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