CBB 2013: Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt predict Tricia and Claire will be out next


Spencer and Heidi reckon that Tricia and Claire will leave Celebrity Big Brother 2013 this week.

The pair, who have been saved three times in the public votes, reckon the men are safe.

Spencer whispered to Heidi, “I think Tricia and Claire might go. It’s probably women calling, women don’t like women.” Heidi agreed. “Good thing you’re not a woman!”

Spencer grinned, “Speidi isn’t a woman neither, Speidi is a super power!” The couple kisses and Heidi smiles ‘it’s so exciting’.

Else in the house and all of the housemates are in bed. Rylan and Claire’s pillow talk was all about Spiedi. Rylan commented, “That was their true colours.” Claire added, “Like they’ve said, they are reality stars. They’ve contradicted themselves…they’ve said to you you’re fake but they’re fake because they’re just trying to make good TV. They are not being real.”

Rylan concluded, “They have singled me out as I’m a character and I get on with people.”

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