Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Tricia clashes with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates Tricia and Speidi clashed on tonight's show, as the trio ended up in another war of words.

In the living area, there was an awkward atmosphere after the pair's new task which saw the other housemates spy on them slagging everyone off!

But Speidi said they realised that it was a fake interview. Tricia remarked, “You looked like you were buzzing?!” Spencer replied, “We are used to everything being fake, this isn’t Heartbeat!” The soap star states, “You two are the best actors I’ve ever seen.”

Speidi quipped, “We’ve got Emmy nominations for reality television!”

Later and Tricia came to talk to Big Brother about Speidi. “They have well and truly fooled the lot of us. They have played the best acting role I have ever seen, the last four days they have been so nice to us. Honestly, Oscar performance. I actually liked them. To witness what we’ve just seen, it’s not nice. He has a nasty streak in him. I think there could be a bit of a kick-off.”

In the evening and Rylan was in the diary room. “Everyone is sitting there like its all fine, all fine now and I’m like b*llocks it ain’t. I don’t like holding grudges but drop me out…they’ve just mugged us all off.

"I’d rather have a conversation with the two snowmen we’ve built in the garden. If I was at home watching this I would be like oh brilliant a bit of game play, but being in here they can do one.”

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