Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Razor gets secret task


Razor got a secret task on Celebrity Big Brother 2013 today, as he was told to spread gossip around the house.

Called to the Diary Room, Razor was told by Big Brother a prize was up for grabs if he managed to spread some rumours around the house.

To help him out, BB provided Razor with a mocked up newspaper from the outside world.

The ex-Footballer then had to pretend to the other housemates had seen a tabloid from the outside world and tell them made up stories about the show.

Amongst the lies Razor told were a story about former housemates Lacey Banghard hooking up with Sam Robertson and going on holiday together to Dubai.

Another headline claimed that Ryan 'Toad' Moloney was a mole working for Big Brother and a third concerned the X Factor tour and Christopher Maloney!

Despite the rather dubious tales, the other housemates believed them all and as a result Razor passed his task.

This evening Big Brother called him back to the Diary Room tonight to give him his prize, all of the latest football scores!

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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