CBB 2013: Heidi and Spencer think they've already won


CBB 2013 housemates Spencer and Heid have said they feel like they've already won the show.

As last night’s eviction loomed, all of the housemates were preparing to face the public vote. Ryan was in the diary room, “To stay tonight would give me another chance to have some more fun in here!”

Rylan told Big Brother, “I’m nervous to go out. It’s just that frightening feeling that it could all go. You can’t just come back here. Never ever be here again.”

Claire thought, “I would like to stay to the end to have the experience that I stuck out the whole three weeks, it’s something to be proud of.”

Razor told Big Brother, “It’s been good, come so far. I want to be part of the final great day.”

In the diary room, Frankie added, “I feel like its perhaps coming to an end, a bit of sadness. I’ve tried to be myself; and I hope people have enjoyed it.”

Heidi told Big Brother, “We’ve been here a lot longer than I thought, and been saved twice which has been such an honour, thank you for everything. And the experience, regardless what happens, I feel we’ve won."

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