Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Tricia Penrose doesn't want to leave before Speidi

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Tricia Penrose doesn't want to leave Celebrity Big Brother ahead of Spencer and Heidi.

Speaking in the Diary Room in tonight's show, Tricia is talking to Big Brother about this evening's eviction.

After Ryan and Razor's rule break the whole house is up for the public vote, and Tricia is nervous.

She said: “It’s a weird feeling facing the public vote for the first time; you start to think ‘O God. Am I liked or not liked? Who is going to pick up the phone and vote?’

"I’m not as popular as some of the people in here…it’s a bit scary. It will be between me and Heidi and Spencer, I will be seriously worried if I go over them two."

She added: "I’ve been part of the group and really enjoyed it. It’s good we are all up and leave it to the public to decide.”

Meanwhile, Spencer and Heidi were talking outside. He remarked, “I just love that the Brits call us Speidi; we’ve definitely up staged Spiderman in England!”

Heidi thought that “it sounds like something you would want to chant”. She added, “I can see Rylan winning.”

Spencer said, “If it’s not us I would want it to be him.”

Heidi agreed and commented on how they’ve survived the evictions.

Spencer quipped, “I’m pretty sure tomorrow we are safe. I think it will be Ryan or Razor.” The two chant “get Speidi out”!

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