Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Girls beat the boys to win pampering session!

Tricia Penrose (CBB)

Today, was a battle between the sexes as the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates competed in the task: “Keep Your Head Up”.

Heidi and Spencer became team captains with Heidi heading up the girls team and Spencer the boys. The teams were competing in an endurance challenge to keep their heads perfectly still whilst they are being tormented.

They were tormented by a combination of things from a fake spider dangling in their face to a terrifying dentist coming in and looking in their mouth.

The competing teams were seated with only their heads visible above a black cover. All the housemates had to do is keep their heads perfectly still without ducking, jerking their heads or turning their faces away at any time. Each twist of the head earned the team a fail.

Heidi and Spencer took part in this task from the Diary Room, where they selected from a range of visitors and distractions to torment their opposing team in an attempt to make them lose their heads.

The winning team who kept their heads up has been announced the GIRLS, they will be treated to a pampering reward later today.

CBB airs tonight on Channel 5 with the latest eviction from 9PM on Channel 5.

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