Celebrity Big Brother 203: Lacey Banghard wants to "knock out" Heidi Montag!


Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemate Lacey Banghard has threatened to “knock out that bitch Heidi Montag” after watching back the show!

After her eviction on Wednesday, Lacey wasn't too impressed with the footage she's seen of what Heidi's been saying around her back.

Heidi bitched: “That ‘ho’, I couldn’t wait for her to be gone.”

Now Lacey wants revenge!

“I’m gonna knock that bitch out after what she said about me," Lacey told the Daily Star today. “If she wants it then I’ll give it to her. I’m no whore. That is such a horrible word and so not true.

“I’ve only ever slept with one man in my life.

“She must be very insecure if she thinks me taking a shower means I wanted to bed her husband.”

And Lacey claimed she'd NEVER be into Heidi's husband Spencer, saying he's too fat!

She snapped: "Spencer is just not my type. I certainly don’t fancy him. He is chubby.

“I never said I wanted sex with Heidi either. And I don’t use sex toys.

“I said once she was my girl crush in the house because she is very pretty but that’s all.”

Celebrity Big Brothers 2013 airs nighty on Channel 5.

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