Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Ryan Moloney wins party for the house

Ryan Moloney (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Ryan Moloney has won a party for his Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates after a secret task.

Yesterday evening, two housemates - Rylan and Razor - became an Angel and a Devil and competed to make another housemate do good or bad things.

Rylan and Razor were called to the diary room and told that today they'll be getting inside the mind of another housemate. They were guided to the large task room where they are given costumes - either a devil or an angel.

As a decoy, Big Brother called another housemate to the diary room and told them that the two missing housemates have been taken away to do a task with one of Big Brother's sponsors and will be back in a few hours.

Then Big Brother called Ryan (the 'puppet') to the diary room. For the next few hours Ryan was controlled by Razor (the angel) and Rylan (the devil).

He was given an earpiece and before being sent back into the house Big Brother explains that the devil and the angel will talk to him, attempting to either make him do good or bad things. Ryan had to listen to the voices, and always follow the instructions from one or the other, but it is up to him to decide which one.

This was a secret mission and the task will be failed if Ryan is rumbled while following instructions.

As he wasn't rumbled and the other housemates didn't catch on, Ryan won the group a devilish party for them all to enjoy!

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