Celebrity Big Brother news: Housemates plead for votes!


The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates have been pleading for your votes after all being nominated.

Ryan and Razor's rue break on Wednesday resulted in Big Brother putting all eight of the remaining housemates up for eviction.

And last night BB gave each of them just a few seconds to plead with us viewers to keep them in.

Ryan said: "Thank you all so much for watching, please vote for me to stay in as I'm having a ball and I don't want to leave yet. Hopefully you're all enjoying it as much as I am."

Razor said: "Please vote for me to stay in I'm having the time of my wife and I love the people I'm with, if you love me vote for me!"

Tricia: "Please vote for me because I'm having a brilliant time, I love all these guys, I'd love to go to the final because I love it and you haven't seen the best of me yet."

Gillian: "Please vote for me, I'd love to stay in a bit longer, I think I could do a few more days or another week. Without me here the place will be a mess because no one can do the washing up like me!"

Frankie added: "Please get me out of here from these bunch of luantics, please voe for me, im having such a great time, big kisses to you all."

Rylan: "I'm having a lovely time on BB, its great to be on here with all these people and I'm learning a lot from them and I'd love to stay with them to the end."

Speidi: "I just wan to say thank you al for saving us twice, we want to tbe first Americans to win, the first married couples to win, thank you so much for giving us this experience, thank you for this opportunity. Please vote for us because we really want to win."

Claire: "Please vote for me as I am having a fantastic time in here, I have had an absolute ball with everyone in here. I've laughed more than I've ever laughed in my entire life. I'm not quite ready to go home yet."

Who do you think will go? Vote for which CBB 2013 housemate you want to STAY in our new eviction poll below...

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