Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Frankie Dettori clashes with Speidi again

Frankie Dettori (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Frankie Dettori and Speidi went head to head again in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house last night.

On Tuesday, Heidi & Spencer and the rest of the housemates heard a conversation between Frankie and Big Brother where Frankie said that the couple “frightened” him following their argument with Rylan and they were his “least favourite” housemates.

Frankie asked the couple if they are upset with him after hearing his revelation. He approached the couple and asks if this is why they have been ignoring him.

They tell him that it is and Frankie laughs while telling them to “grow up.”

Spencer took offence and says that this has made him dislike Frankie even more. They head to the igloo and Heidi adds sarcastically, “You’re such a great father figure.” Spencer tells her, “Everyone here is so out for themselves.”

Later, Heidi & Spencer begin to mock him. “We’re scary, are you gonna cry, we might get you (in the night),” they laugh.

“I’m only small,” jokes Frankie as Heidi repeats, “It’s just a game.” “I’m just sorry your still bloody here,” Tricia quips as she and Gillian get ready to leave. Spencer tells them that they are next on his list, even though they are “national treasures, you gotta go after the most loved,” he grins.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 continues tomorrow night on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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