Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi convinced they'll win: 'The public love us'


Heidi Montag and Spencer Prat are convinced they'll win Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

After surviving yet another eviction last night, and duo reckon they're now on the home straight.

Speaking in the Diary Room after the latest live show, the pair boasted to Big Brother that they've got the biggest fan base.

"No one else has had the public save them twice," Spencer said.

Wife Heidi added: "I think we've also got the best and most loyal fans! We'll be the first Americans to win, and the first married couple."

Spencer continued: "These are records we're setting here! I think we have been the most truthful housemates to ever walk through the eye. "

Despite their rivalry, Spencer even thanked Frankie... for explaining how the pair could win.

He said: "As Frankie says in horse racing, we're the closer who come from nowhere to win, we're the underdogs."

And the pair made no secret that they've got a gameplan to win the show.

Spencer added to BB: "We did not know if our strategy was working but now we know the public is enjoying our tactics.

"We feel like record breaking housemates."

The pair are set to face yet another eviction tomorrow night after the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2013 nominations saw all the housemates up for the axe!

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