Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark gets secret shopping task mission


Rylan Clark will lead the secret mission in this week's Celebrity Big brother shopping task!

Yesterday saw Frankie Dettori become The Dictator for the task, and what he says goes, as he's been given the ultimate power to control the show.

The jockey has chosen Ryan Moloney and Razor has his body guards, who will enjoy a luxury life with him.

The trio will be treated to the finest food and clothes, while the other housemates will have to follow their every command.

However unknown to Frankie, the peasants are told to revolt against Frankie and his guards!

Last night Rylan was be called to the diary room and told they are the Leader of the Revolution.

His first task was to wind up The Dictator in order to be sent to Jail.

The Dictator announced he wanted all housemates to come to him in turn and pledge their allegiance to him by showering him with compliments, however the Leader of the Revolution was told to make sure he offends Frankie. If he does this successfully he will be sent to Jail where he can retrieve the hidden explosives they will need on to blow up Frankie’s statue during the revolution.

The task continues today and will air on tonight's highlights show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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