CBB 2013: Spencer Pratt tips Claire Richards, Rylan Clark for eviction

Claire Richards (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Spencer Pratt reckons Claire Richards and Rylan Clark will leave in tomorrow night's latest CBB eviction.

Speidi, Claire, Rylan and Lacey Banghard all face the axe in the latest public vote.

Spencer & Lacey were in the bathroom talking about the next eviction last night.

Lacey said that she thinks that he and Heidi will be safe. “I think that Rylan and Claire will go home,” he added and says that Lacey is “naïve” for thinking otherwise.

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Rylan told Tricia that Spencer & Heidi a have been “too nice,” adding: “There could be a row coming on.”

Tricia tells Razor and Rylan that it is difficult to know what has been show and that they could come of looking like the bad guys while Spencer and Heidi won’t.

In the bathroom, Lacey told Spencer that he and Heidi are “sweet, nice people but are very different from my world.”

Later, Rylan had comes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about Spencer and Heidi. He mentioned that the couple “fascinate” him then mentions how they react to the smallest of things. “Like when I sprayed my deodorant, oh God, they freaked out.”

Also in the Diary Room, Spencer claimed: "We said we wanted to be evicted and we stayed, I say we wanna win, it’s just a form of reverse psychology,” he bemoans.

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