Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates get 'cat food' to eat!


The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates have been fed cat food for their latest task.

At least, that's what the housemates reckon the gunk served up by Big Brother is.

Earlier in the morning, Frankie Dettori was set a new task for this week's shopping budget, making him the Dictator of the house.

Only he and his guards Ryan and Razor can enjoy the food in the house.

The others must eat tinned rations provided by Big Brother.

These rations will be disgusting tinned food, de-branded with the regime logo, so housemates don’t even know what is in each can. These are kept by The Dictator and his guards, so housemates must request them if they are hungry.

The Dictator and his guards, on the other hand, will be supplied with luxury meals throughout the day.

Amongst the tins delivered today were prunes, "brains" (according to Rylan) and both "cat food" according to Gillian.

But Rylan speculated: "It's probably peacock."

Of course, what else

Watch the celebs get their disgusting meal below!

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