CBB 2013: Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt are kicked out of the basement and aren't happy!


Big Brother wants its basement back and Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt aren't happy about it.

The pair moved back into the room last week as part of a twist and were due to return to the house on Friday night.

But after a huge series or rows ensued when they did, Big Brother decided to let the pair stay in the room away from the others.until things cooled down.

It was claimed this morning that the American duo were refusing to budge from their new private quarters.

Heidi told Big Brother yesterday that she didn’t want to live with the other housemates after the arguments at the weekend.

She said: “We don’t feel comfortable. It’s permanent damage.”

A source told the Daily Star Sunday today: “There could be another war soon with Speidi and the producers.

“They can’t stay isolated for the rest of the series.”

However this afternoon BB kicked the pair out after calling them to the Diary Room.

Heidi conceded: "I knew this would happen, it was too good to be true".

Speidi weren't too happy with the decision but did, after much moaning, comply with BB's demands and moved back into the main house's bedroom.

Although we reckon the other housemates are just as unhappy with the decision....

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