Celebrity Big Brother 2013 spoilers: Shopping task sneak peek!

Gillian Taylforth (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

It's the second week in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house and that means it's time for a new shopping task!

The housemates enjoyed a luxury shopping budget last week after passing their first task, which was all down to chance

This week the new CBB shopping task will see the house split up again!

One housemate will become Big Brother's Big Dictator, ruling over the house with an iron fist.

He or she will have the ultimate say over every choice made by the group during the task and all the other housemates will have to obey their commands.

The dictator will get to pick two other housemates to be his or her guards. The trio will live the life of luxury for the duration of the task.

The other housemates will become peasants and live a hard life throughout the two day challenge, with only basic rations to eat and few of the comforts that the dictator and guards will enjoy.

However there's a twist, as it is Big Brother afterall.

Unknown to the dictator, the real aim of the shopping task if for the peasants to revolt.

They'll be given secret missions by Big Brother to overthrow the dictator and the guards.

If they succeed the whole house will be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget for the next week.

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