CBB 2013: Spencer Pratt blasts "fake" Claire Richards and "insecure" Ryan Moloney


Spencer Pratt hit out at "fake" Claire Richards and "insecure" Ryan Moloney in the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

He and wife Heidi have been spying on all the other housemates while they live in a secret basement.

Last night the pair watched as the group nominated face to face, with Claire nominating Sam as he sleeps a lot during the day and is perhaps not getting involved in the general running of the house.

The basement couple booed, “Sam is the best cast member of the whole house, him and Lacey. He just doesn’t kiss their ass!”

Claire was tearful when she announced her second nomination, Ryan. Ryan then looked like he’s about to cry. Claire said, “Even when the gym wasn’t open, you were exercising, something from my past, seeing someone do that brings back really bad memories from my past and makes me feel bad about myself.”

Spencer announced, “I want her (Claire), Ryan and Razor out. Not Sam.”

The nominations left Ryan and Sam up for the public vote.

Spencer and Heidi said they were sick of Ryan, and he will go as girls will keep Sam in. “Big Brother is genius!”

Speaking to Big Brother in their special Diary Room later on in the evening, Spencer said": “Claire is so fake.

"Ryan should shut his Toad Fish mouth! He’s an insecure person trying to stay skinny now as he was once obese.”

Heidi addd, “These people are just so jealous accept for Gillian. Gillian is my number one favourite. Now we know her we won’t vote for her. They are all actresses, playing the game…but guess what, we are reality stars, we are real so we don’t play this whole fake game. We got this game. You just got to be real.”

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 continues to air every night on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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