Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi attack Ryan Moloney with dog food!


Ryan Moloney found himself covered in dog food in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house last night.

Yesterday saw Heidi and Spencer given the power of Big Brother as they adjusted to life back in the basement.

With TVs, snacks and a comfy bed it wasn't too hard.

And Big Brother quickly began to give the pair some special powers, asking them to come up with five killer questions that Big Brother would ask to a Housemate of their choosing in the Diary Room. They were also given a remote 'Drop' detonator that, when pushed, would drop a stinking heap of dog food onto the head of the person in the Diary Room.

The questions they chose to ask were:

1) Which Housemate do you most like?

2) Which Housemate do you like the least?

3) What did you really think about the Housemates who have left: Paula, Heidi and Spencer?

4) Who is the fakest Housemate?

5) Which Housemate deserves to go home the most?


They first chose to question Lacey. However, while watching her answer the questions Heidi and Spencer decided not to dump dog food on her.

They then chose to interrogate Tricia instead. Again, they decided not to drop the dog food.

Before selecting Ryan as their final Housemate to interview, they asked Big Brother to add another question: 'If you could bring back Heidi & Spencer or Paula, who would you choose and why?'

This time they pushed the drop button and covered Ryan in nasty doggy dinner.


You can watch the task on Celebrity Big Brother 2013 tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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