Celebrity Big Brother 2013 face to face nominations: Who nominated who?

Ryan Moloney (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Here's just who nominated who in Celebrity Big Brother's face to face nominations this week!

Sam Robertson and Ryan Moloney face eviction after last night's Celebrity Big Brother nomination results.

Last night, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Frankie Dettori avoided the axe tonight after Paula Hamilton became the first to be evicted from the show after the latest Celebrity Big Brother eviction results.

But Big Brother didn't hang around, with Heidi and Spencer being sent back to the basement in a secret twist.

Heidi and Spencer were therefore immune from the latest round of nominations, which happened face to face.

But the duo were watching everything from their secret room.

Big Brother gathered the remaining housemates tonight to announce that they would be nominating live and face to face.

Ryan nominated Sam and Rylan

Razor nominated Lacey and Sam

Tricia nominated Sam and Razor

Sam nominated Claire and Gillian

Lacey nominated Razor and Ryan

Rylan nominated Sam and Ryan

Claire nominated Sam and Ryan

Gillian nominated Sam and Ryan

Frankie nominated Ryan and Razor

Heidi & Spencer - Immune and did not nominate

Ryan and Sam therefore face eviction tomorrow night, with lines due to open later today.

The one who receives the fewest public votes will be kicked out on Friday evening, just a week into their stay.

Still, at least they're not the first out.

Vote for which of the pair you want to stay in our eviction poll below...

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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