Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Paula Hamilton clashes with Gillian Taylforth

Gillian Taylforth (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Paula Hamilton clashed with Gillian Taylforth in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday after Big Brother stirred it up.

As part of the shopping task, Big Brother repeated to Paula some bitching from Gillian about her.

The angry model stormed out of the diary room to let off steam in the garden with some kickboxing, telling the other housemates: "I’m so angry."

Meanwhile Gillian and the others watched on in fear from the living area.

“I’d hate to think I’ve really upset her, it wasn’t done like that," she said.

Lacey claimed: “She was like I’m gonna get done for assault ‘cause I’m going to smack them in the jaw”.

To which Gillian quipped: “Watch me when I’m sleeping. They don’t realise what they’ve done to me. They’ve put my life in jeopardy now. Watch my back, I tell you now Big Brother."

She added: "I could be stabbed in the back. All I did was come into Big Brother; I said I’d be the first one out. I might be in a bleeding box!”

Later and Paula continued her 'breakdown' as she talked to herself alone in the bedroom after being told to calm down by Frankie Dettori.

She ranted: “It’s not just a game. The knock on effect on life is unbelievable… You’re a jockey, what do you know. It affects everyone’s career differently…It’s called life or death…the death of a career and the life of a career.

"Right stop playing with your face…I do it to calm myself down…Why do you feel you need to calm yourself down…’cause I feel like I’m going mad in here"

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