Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag opens up about surgery


Heidi Montag has opened up about her surgery on Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

X Factor's Rylan began grilling Heidi in the hot tub about the work she's had done.

Rylan asked: “So you’d had a lot of surgeries”

The US star explained: "Yeah I did, it was just when I was young, I wanted it and I just got a few things done, and then I got a few more things done.

"I kind of wish I’d never talked about it and that I’d kept it more private. I never realised I would be a surgery girl for the rest of my life as I was honest about what I did and I just didn’t want to be a liar. It kind of backfired”

Rylan gushed “I think you look brilliant. And not to be pervy but your tits are amazing. I wouldn’t look at you and think you’d had surgery”

Heidi continued: “Well that’s why my surgeon was really brilliant. And even my family turned their back on me for a while with my surgery and stuff. I’ve only just started talking to my mum again. On TV they ripped me apart and I was like I’m done with this.

"I didn’t talk to my family for two years and I never thought that would happen to me, me and my mum were like best friends growing up. I did change and I did become the person I was pretending to be in The Hills and I should have just stood up for myself. We both did. Now I’ve come back from it and I’m happy. It’s about simplicity and health…and love. As long as I have Spencer I’m fine, and we’ll be together forever”

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