Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Did housemates pass their shopping task?


The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates have passed their first shopping task, Against All Odds.

This week’s shopping task was going to be left to chance. All the housemates could do was to try and tip the odds in their favour. A large Randomizer style machine was be placed in the living room.

At the start of the task Big Brother explained that the Randomizer machine currently contained one green ball saying ‘PASS’ and another red ball saying ‘FAIL’.

Big Brother has been setting the group a series of mini challenges to win more pass balls and increase their odds of winning the task.

After yesterday's mini challenges, the housemates had 176 Green pass balls and 59 Red fail balls.

Today saw Heidi and Paula complete True or Fails, a challenge to see if they could spot the false statements about their fellow housemates.

Heidi and Paula correctly answered 6 questions out of 11 winning a total of 18 green pass balls.

They also incorrectly answered 5 questions receiving 15 red fail balls.

It left the group with 194 pass balls and 74 fail balls, giving them a 61% chance of passing the task.

This evening one ball was picked randomly and as it read pass the group will receive a luxury shopping budget this week.

Browse pictures of yesterday's CBB task action below!

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