Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates get dirty for latest task


The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 stars got kissing balls last night for BB's latest wacky task.

This week the housemates have been given a special shopping task that sees them collecting 'Passes' and 'Fails' in a series of mini challenges.

At the end of the week, all of the passes and fails will be placed in a lottery style machine and one will be chosen at random, which will decide the ultimate outcome of the task.

In this latest challenge, a succession of small ping pong balls was suspended by a jet of air, so that they are floating above a red table.

The object of the game was for housemates, in pairs, to capture the ball between their lips and between them transport the ball to the green cylinder on the table. Each ball successfully transferred to the green cylinder will earn them a pass. Each ball dropped will earn a fail.

Housemates transferred 80 balls into the pass cylinder winning themselves 80 green pass balls.

However, housemates also accumulated 20 fail balls. Heidi and Spencer also incurred a further 20 fails as a penalty for not taking part in the game.

Therefore in total housemates won 80 green pass balls and 40 red fail balls.

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