Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire Richards breaks down over nominations

Claire Richards (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Claire Richards broke down on Celebrity Big Brother 2013 over the first nominations.

In the diary room Claire begun to well up and whispers to herself, “Oh my God, I’m fed up.”

She first nominated Heidi and Spencer and mentioned that they failed to attempt the task. “I don’t believe any other housemate wouldn’t have done it, they’re not team players.”

She started to cry again and started, “Half of me doesn’t want to nominate Paula.”

Claire said that Paula will always bring conversations “back to her,” but says that on the plus side, Paula is “very funny” so part of her would like Paula to stay in the house.

Rylan was hiding behind the diary room door and jumps out on Claire as she exits.

She jumped and told him that he scared her and he noticed her tears.

In the bedroom Claire confessed that she found nominations hard, “I feel like a two-faced bitch,” she worries and Rylan blames Big Brother for asking the questions.

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