Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan doesn't trust Spencer and Heidi!


Tension between Rylan Clark and Speidi continued on Celebrity Big Brother tonight, as Heidi and Spencer moved back into the main house.

The pair started the day still the basement, where they have been since launch night.

The duo refused to come out of the dark room to meet the other housemates, and upstairs, conversation turned to why Heidi and Spencer hadn't come out to introduce themselves.

“Maybe they’ve been given a task not to talk to you guys…” stated Paula, who continued to tell that they are nice people but they said they are jet lagged, and didn’t want to say hi to everyone.

Rylan replied, “Suit your f**king selves then!” He divulged to the group that the couple has been married three times to each other. Claire looks shocked.

Later on however and Spencer and Heidi moved into the luxury house after swapping with Frankie Dettori.

Upstairs in the igloo, Heidi and Spencer were enjoying the high life, drinking some champagne while Rylan and Claire bitched about the pair.

On the sofas, a weary Claire said to Rylan, “This is just so weird; I’m still not sure what is going.”

In the diary room, Rylan told Big Brother that something feels wrong and he doesn’t know what is going on. “It doesn’t feel like our house anymore.” He doesn’t think he can trust Spencer and Heidi, and misses Frankie.

Finally Rylan says to Big Brother that he thinks he can’t trust Spencer and Heidi.

Heidi was next in the diary room and thanked Big Brother, declaring what a great show this is, “Oh my gosh, miracles happen!”

She explained that Spencer doesn’t have too many positive thoughts for Rylan and that he’s “a more selfish than a selfless person”.

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