Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Basement housemates get a luxury breakfast!


The basement housemates enjoyed a luxury breakfast earlier today after passing the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2013 task.

This morning saw Big Brother cut off electricity to the house and he refused to turn it back on until the group had done some hard graft.

Well, the housemates in the basement anyway.

The housemates living in luxury had to pick two housemates - which turned out to be Sam and Frankie - from the basement to fire up the generator in the garden to restore electricity to the house.

They had to work together to crank a large, grimy, handle that was covered in messy black oil.

Frankie and Sam passed the challenge and won not only electricity back but a hot breakfast for all.

But being Big Brother, there was a twist.

The housemates had to choose which half of the house had which of two breakfasts on offer.

A luxury breakfast included everything from warm bacon buttes to salmon and poached egg muffins with fresh fruit and coffee.

However the other breakfast was simply a microwave meal from a tin.

Fortunately for Sam and Frankie, their hard work paid off as the luxury housemates sacrificed gave them the luxury breakfast and opted to take the tin breakfast.

Aren't they all nice?

We don't think it will last...

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