Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates left without power!


The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates both in the main house and basement were left without power this morning.

Paula Hamilton was the first to discover the lack of power this morning when the kettle refused to turn on.

The paranoid model muttered to her fellow housemates, who were mostly still asleep: “They’re messin’, they’re messin’.”

But this time it wasn't due to the roof collapsing after a flood.

Instead, Big Brother has simply been winding up the celebs.

He's cut off electricity to the house and won't turn it back on until the group have done some hard graft.

Well, the housemates in the basement anyway.

The housemates living in luxury had to pick two housemates from the basement to fire up the generator in the garden to restore electricity to the house.

They'll have to work together to crank a large, grimy, handle that's covered in messy black oil.

Frankie and Sam have been picked for the challenge and will win not only electricity back but a hot breakfast for all if they passed.

Although those in the basement will only get the scraps...

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