Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lacey Banghard proves a hit

Lacey Banghard (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

We'll admit we quite liking to get to know Lacey Banghard on Celebrity Big Brother.

Although we're still not entirely sure she should qualify as a Celebrity housemate, even using the loose definition that Channel 5 bosses seem to believe in.

But the young model is proving to be rather quite pleasant, if a bit ditzy.

The Page 3 girl, who dumped her boyfriend so she was single for the house, is also proving a hit with the bookies.

19-year-old Lacey started the show was an outsider to win but now is quickly becoming a favourite.

(Although we reckon she still has zero chance)

By comparison, Heidi and Spencer have become the favourites for the first eviction after a rather dramatic first few days inside the house.

Rylan Clark remains the firm favourite with bookies Ladbrokes, with spokesperson Jessica Bridge saying: "Punters are pretty confident that Rylan won't drop out of the competition any time soon and have ploughed into his chances of winning."

However we have a feeling that bitchy Rylan could soon start to grate on viewers.

Sure, he was fun every week on the X Factor, but will his personality every night on Big Brother be too much to handle?

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