Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Frankie Dettori replaces Heidi and Spencer in the basement

Frankie Dettori (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Frankie Dettori replaced Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 basement this evening.

Big Brother interrupted the housemates' evening this evening with a special live show on Channel 5.

Gathering both the housemates in the basement and in the main house, Big Brother announced that every housemate in the main house had to vote to send another housemate to the basement.

Each housemate in the main house was given a pen and board and had 20 seconds to write the name of the housemate they wanted to banish to the basement. They weren't allowed to vote for themselves and, having already been in the basement, Paula Hamilton was exempt.

Meanwhile, the housemates currently in the basement watched on via the plasma.

Tricia voted for Rylan.

Gillian voted for Frankie.

Frankie voted for Rylan.

Lacey voted for Frankie.

Claire voted for Frankie.

Rylan voted for Frankie.

As a result, Frankie was banished to the basement and had to go straight to join the other housemates in the dingey room away from the main house.

It meant that Frankie, Ryan Moloney, Sam Robertson, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Neil ‘Razor Ruddock were all living in the basement.

However Big Brother then told Frankie he had the power to send one housemate currently in the basement to join the main house.

Excluding himself, of course.

After all of the remaining basement housemates made their pleas to Frankie, he said: "I'm playing the game and I'm choosing Spencer and Heidi because a lady should not be here. They need to go out there and sort the s**t out with the other housemates."

The two US stars left the basement, much to their annoyance, with Frankie warning the remaining housemates who were left in the basement: "It's going to kick off in there."

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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