Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lacey Banghard's boobs are coming out

Lacey Banghard (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemate Lacey Banghard has promised viewers to get her boobs out at every opportunity.

Yay for us, we guess.

The unknown 20-year-old entered the house last night to boos, before being chosen by Rylan Clark and Frankie Detori to enter the main house.

The Page 3 model has promised to get into her bikini, and perhaps even less, as often as she can, despite it being the middle of winter.

Lacey, the one with the ridiculous voce in case you've already forgotten, said: “I’m definitely going to wear bikinis in there! I have big boobs so people always make comments.”

She declared: "They’re just boobs.

"You go on the beach and see boobs. I will whip my top off anywhere as I think it’s just skin. I love it!”

Also perhaps looking to squeeze some nudity into the show are US stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who Rylan and Frankie banished to the basement in last night's live launch show.

Spencer said: “We’ve been offered so much to make a porno film, if we’re to do it on camera we should get millions.”

Browse pictures of the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 live launch show below...

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