Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Basement housemates join the main house (for a bit)

Rylan Clark (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates who were confined to the basement in last night's launch show had a chance to see the main house yesterday evening.

Yesterday's launch show saw the first two housemates to enter, Rylan Clark and Frankie Detori, give the power to decide the fate of the housemates who entered after the them.

The line up of stars entered in pairs, with Rylan and Frankie having to decide between them which of the duo had to go live in the basement and which should live the life of luxury in the main house.

In the end, Paula Hamilton, Ryan Moloney, Sam Robertson, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Neil 'Razor' all ended up in the dark and dingey room, which has beds on the floor and no running or hot water.

They'll have no alcohol and only basic food rations, which they'll have to scavenge for.

But Big Brother - either being kind or very evil - let the group out of the basement briefly last night.

The housemates got to spend some time in the garden with the other housemates, albeit still separated by a chicken wire fence.

It gave Rylan and Frankie a chance to explain their decisions, which led to a few awkward moments between them and Heidi and Spencer!

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